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• You can vote until Tuesday, July 2nd, midnight (00:00);

• You can vote once. Duplicate votes will be removed from the form;

• It is only possible to vote using the form on this page;

• Audience votes count 25% for the final evaluation, the remaining 75% is determined by the REBiRTH jury votes.

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all you need to know

Step 1: Make the best mixtape you’ve ever recorded (no longer than 30 minutes), featuring at least 1 of your own produced tracks and upload your mixtape privately on Soundcloud.

Step 2: Write a short motivation for why you should play at REBELLiON Outdoor Festival 2024.

Step 3: Go to the entry form and fill in your details, the URL to your mixtape, your motivation and a URL to your own produced track and you’re done! You can send in your mixtape until June 12th, 00:00 hours.

Round 1: After submitting your mixtape, it will be judged by the REBELLiON jury, resulting in a top 10. These talents will advance to the next round.

All mixtapes will be judged using an assessment form. Within two weeks after the last submission day, we will announce the winners of the first round, after which the second round will start.

Round 2: The 10 best-rated mixtapes will be uploaded to REBiRTH’s SoundCloud channel after which the public will have a week to vote for their top three via our website. Audience votes count 25% in the final results, and REBELLiON’s jury votes (from round 1) 75%. The winner will be announced a few days later.

• Your set must be uploaded to Soundcloud, with a private URL;

• Your set must be 30 minutes long; sets longer than 30 minutes will not be judged;

• Your set must include at least one track produced by yourself;

• Your set must be recorded live, sets made in a DAW or other software will not be judged;

• B2B sets are not allowed. A set by a duo act is of course allowed.

Winner Road to REBELLiON

  • You will open the Rise Of The Unknown stage at REBELLiON Outdoor Festival.
  • One of your produced tracks will be released on REBiRTH Records.
  • You will receive 100 credits for downloading tracks on Hardstyle.com.

DJs/Producers playing and producing RAW Hardstyle can participate. 

Your mixtape will be assessed using an assessment form that you can find on this website. In the first round, your mixtape will be judged by the REBELLiON team. In the second round, the top 10 mixtapes will be judged by the audience and our jury. The REBELLiON team determines 75% of the result, the remaining 25% is determined by the audience.

B2B sets are not allowed. A set by a duo act is of course allowed.

Within two weeks after the last submission day, we will announce the winners of the first round, after which the second round will start.

join our dj contest!

At the ‘Rise Of The Unknown’ area at REBELLiON Outdoor Festival, we offer the ultimate spot in our jungle for uprising RAW Hardstyle DJs and we have reserved one timeslot for YOU! 🤩

So, are you an upcoming DJ/producer? Then this is your chance to be part of the biggest RAW Festival of the summer and to kick off our talent stage! Besides that, you’ll also get 100 credits at Hardstyle.com to download the latest tracks and a release on our label: REBiRTH Records! 

All you need to do is create the best 30-minute mix you’ve ever made, finalize your latest tracks, and show us why you need to be part of our REBELLiON! ✊🏼💣


You will be assessed according to the following criteria:

General assessment

  • Build-up of your mix (max. 10 points)
  • Quality of your own track (max. 10 points)
  • Transitions in the mix (max. 10 points)
  • Originality / Creativity (edits / mash-ups / mix skills) (max. 10 points)
  • Other details (video set / microphone use) (max. 10 points)
  • Submitted motivation (max. 10 points)
  • Mixes longer than 30 minutes will not be assessed


Obtainable bonus points

  • Amount of Social Media accounts (1 point)
  • Appearance on Social Media (1 point)
  • Posts weekly on Social Media (1 point)
  • Content quality on Social Media (1 point)
  • Engagement on Social Media (comments and likes) (1 point)

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